Dublin, a land of Guinness drinking leprechauns or not?

I have recently returned from a trip to Ireland, specifically Dublin and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

Ireland is associated with many things to outsiders, such as leprechaun’s dressed in green, pots of gold, rolling green hills and Guinness, oh and the colour green. However upon arriving in Dublin through the ferry terminal and driving through the streets to our accommodation, the first impression I got wasn’t the above, it was more a modern city with large european headquarters of multinationals in gleaming buildings, a river Liffey spanned by a multitude of bridges and a cluster of pubs with blackboards outside exclaiming how much traditional live music is played in them.


Slacklife, a slacklining culture or an American cliché?

Slacklife is a term that I seem to be hearing around Slacklining more and more often now. But what is it really, is it the culture of chilling in a park and slacking for a few hours whilst chatting to friends or is it a lifestyle (as the term suggests), if so it must be a hugely over used word as I have yet to meet anyone who I would say has slacklining intrinsically part of their life. One person who it could be said has a slacklife is Andy Lewis, he is a pro-slackliner and almost to emphasise the point he has a written a song about it. Yet as he is American and seems to use the ‘hashtag’ “#Slacklife” on Facebook regularly it could be said he is both trying to make this a lifestyle culture, whilst unintentionally making it a cliché. So is it a culture or a cliché, well in my opinion its a cliché imported from across the pond and is now used with anything and everything to do with slacklining.


Here is the song Slacklife by Andy Lewis:




The intrepid first post…

So I think “the time feels right” to start a blog, yet as I sit here pondering what to write in the first post I suddenly feel devoid of opinions, but here goes. Well I’m a 19 year old student who’s currently at university at Aberystwyth Uni. I grew up in a small village in Lancashire, going to the village school before heading off to schools in Yorkshire and Shropshire before making the journey to Wales. I’m half way through my degree in Geography and loving life in the seaside town, with the plethora of  opportunities it provides to those who which to take them. For me personally, I have taken up many outdoor sports such as kayaking, climbing and slacklining and I plan to write about the experiences these provide, along with the difficulties these sports encounter. With trips on the horizon and having recently returned from a trip I feel that I will have plenty to write about in the coming months…


Now however its time for bed.