Slacklife, a slacklining culture or an American cliché?

Slacklife is a term that I seem to be hearing around Slacklining more and more often now. But what is it really, is it the culture of chilling in a park and slacking for a few hours whilst chatting to friends or is it a lifestyle (as the term suggests), if so it must be a hugely over used word as I have yet to meet anyone who I would say has slacklining intrinsically part of their life. One person who it could be said has a slacklife is Andy Lewis, he is a pro-slackliner and almost to emphasise the point he has a written a song about it. Yet as he is American and seems to use the ‘hashtag’ “#Slacklife” on Facebook regularly it could be said he is both trying to make this a lifestyle culture, whilst unintentionally making it a cliché. So is it a culture or a cliché, well in my opinion its a cliché imported from across the pond and is now used with anything and everything to do with slacklining.


Here is the song Slacklife by Andy Lewis: