Conquering the unconquerable

When you go and do something and you fail, it is easy to view it as impossible to achieve. As it were the failure can over take you and remove the drive you once had to achieve your goals. This is some that can be seen many times in the kayaking community, where someone attempts a waterfall or rapid and it doesn’t go to plan. In my opinion people either recover and get straight back on task at accomplishing the goal of successfully running it or never attempt it again and admit defeat. This happened to me last year when I attempted the AberGlaslyn gorge for the first time on a high-medium level, to cut along story short I swam a portion of it…

Now however I have returned to the river and paddled it successfully, this felt awesome to do as I had previously believed I would never paddle it again. But on Friday a few weeks ago I did five head dry laps of it with some good friends. It turned out to be a great day and one of a couple of moments when I have consciously felt myself get better at boating. So heres a little video I made of paddling the AberGlaslyn.


I now own a brand new shiny kayak, specifically a Zet Raptor in yellow, and its amazing.

All I need to do now is find a time to not revise, when its raining to go and paddle it down a Welsh river.

Raptor Raptor 2

Also many thanks to my friends who took delivery of it and arranged for it to be moved to the boathouse.